Which Will Win “DuckDuckGo” Or “Google”?

There has been a lot of tracking of personal information on browsing websites these days. The hackers have found a lot of loopholes to extract the personal data of an individual from their electronic devices or ping their location and have direct access to make the connection with their computer or laptop or any other electronic device. This has increased a lot in the past few years and has been affecting every person’s life since it started, especially on Google.

For securing your personal information to get leaked on the internet or it doesn’t get in the hands of the wrong person, we have introduced the DuckDuckGo browser, which not only protect your confidential information, but its creation was in this way that it also retracts all the hackers to decline every request they make to your IP address requesting for access. This browser is mostly used to access the dark web, where all the confidential transactions, selling, and buying of illegal goods and rare resources occur.

Which is better, “DuckDuckGo” or “Google”?

There is no comparison between these two browsers; every browser has unique features and is separately used for different purposes. So, it should not be the best thing to say that anyone has fewer features than the other. But there are few things, which has important means of doing something else than the other such as

  • Privacy- It has been a really important thing for anyone. No one likes to share their personal information with anyone. Just because of that, DuckDuckGo offers maximum privacy as it does accept any requests from the other server lines unless you give them access and is more secured than google.
  • Results- When you search on Google, it shows you all the results of every possible thing related to that term or sentence. Still, while doing that, it also shares your IP address with the site to identify you, whereas DuckDuckGo does not share your IP address with the client-server and tries to hide your history details with the other. This is why the organization of the result is different than the other.

Winding up the facts

Both the browser gives you an accurate result, but in different manners. If we look from the perspective of security and privacy, there is no doubt that in the challenge of duckduckgo vs. google, the ultimate winner will be the DuckDuckGo browser. But like everything is different, google offers the best quality search in comparison to DuckDuckGo. So, you will have to decide whether which browser should be used at what time.