But what exactly does this definition indicate?

The world of logistics and express shipping is increasingly based on criteria such as speed, punctuality and customization of services on the needs of the specific customer.

In this context, more and more companies to deliver their goods and products, both in the B2C context and above all in the B2B one, choose to rely on Express and Dedicated Shipping , replacing the so-called “traditional” shipments cara daftar lalamove.

A shipment is express and dedicated when the carrier is not only able to guarantee rapid loading and delivery times, but when it transports only the goods of the single customer on the vehicle, thus dedicating the entire transport service to a single customer at a time.

It is a real revolution in the way of understanding transport services, which opens up a series of possibilities and advantages.

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First of all, this type of service is able to respond much more quickly and effectively to requests for urgent and particularly important shipments. Let’s take for example a company that has the immediate need to deliver an essential product (let’s assume a medical machine to a hospital that needs it immediately). In this case, relying on a traditional carrier, which cannot guarantee 100% standards of extreme speed and punctuality, is clearly not an indicated choice.

In this way, the shipped goods are also safe from damage , loss and possible theft attempts (which often occur during warehouse stocks or driving stops).

An Express and Dedicated Shipping is therefore faster, more personalized, safer and more guaranteed than a traditional shipment. It allows you to accurately agree on customized loading and delivery times, in specific time slots or at particular conditions; it is not restricted by limits such as traffic blocking and can reach more easily in difficult areas.

For this reason, it is particularly suitable in case of urgent shipments to important customers , especially when transporting important , fragile or valuable goods or when absolute punctuality and compliance with pre-agreed conditions are essential.