How to Repair Hail Damage: A Comprehensive Guide

Hailstorms are all too common worldwide and can cause considerable damage to homes, cars, and other properties. Hailstones range in size from small pellets to larger stones that cause serious destruction; any property damaged by hail must be addressed immediately to minimize further damage and restore it to its original state as soon as possible. This article will review how to hail damage repair lakewood co.

Assess Damage

The first step to effectively repairing hail damage is assessing its extent. If your hailstones were large and caused extensive damage, professional assessments might be necessary in order to provide estimates for repairs. This will enable you to make informed decisions regarding what actions should be taken and their associated costs.

Prior to beginning any repairs, you must document any hail damage. Take photos from all angles and note any areas which require attention – this information could come in handy should an insurance claim arise.

Repair of Hail Damage on Your Vehicle

If your car has been hit by hail damage, you can employ a few methods to repair the damage yourself. One uses a plunger to push out any dents from within, while another uses hairdryers with dry ice to shrink metal and eliminate dents. In extreme cases, professional auto body shops may need to perform extensive repairs.

Repair of Hail Damage on Your Property

If your home has been hit by hail, repairs and replacement may be required for the roof, siding, or windows. A professional should assess and provide an estimate for repairs; minor damages may even be repaired with appropriate tools and materials.

Filing an Insurance Claim

If you own homeowner’s or car insurance policies, filing an insurance claim to cover the costs associated with repairs could be beneficial. Before making this step, ensure you have documentation of damage and an estimate for repairs ready before filing with your insurer. An adjuster from their side will assess and establish an amount due for claim settlement.

Preventing Hail Damage

While hail may fall regardless, there are several steps you can take to lessen its damage potential. Take steps such as trimming trees and branches that overhang your home or car; cover it with an automobile cover during storms; or park it inside a garage when possible.


Hail damage can be an enormous hassle, but with proper knowledge and tools, you can effectively repair the damage and return your property back to its original state. Assess and document all damages before hiring professionals as needed or filing claims with insurance providers to cover repair costs. With these tips, you can repair hail damage while preventing further loss.